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We offer many services to all, and all services to our customers.
Used Cars, Trucks, and More
We pride ourselves in providing quality and dependable used vehicles to our customers, and at affordable prices. We have an ever changing inventory of cars, trucks, and like the title says, and more.

We know that times can be tough, we all have tough times once and awhile. The reasons can be almost endless, but all to often, the solutions to the tough time can and usually are, very limited.

Thats why we offer low cost, all the way through to, high cost vehicles. We try to have something for everyone.

We know that most, if not all of our customers are local, and that we will be driving on the same roads as you, which is way we go out of our way to find, verify and offer dependable, inspectible, quality vehicles. We want you to know that when you leave our lot, you are in a safe vehicle that will last you.

Full Service Garage
We offer high quality service at the lowest rates around. We belive in finding the problem, getting the parts and fixing it right the first time so you have more time on the road, and less time waiting.

Services include:

Car CareServices: Inside and outside cleaning.
Diagnostic Scanning
Undercar Coating
Heating and Cooling
Oil and fluid changes and checks
Engine checking and repair
We service all makes and models, from light-duty to heavy-duty, foreign and domestic. If its between the bumpers, we can fix it.

Full Service Tune-Ups
Our Mechanics can help you get ready for anything, from a long road trip to prepairing for winter. We offer several package deals, so you can choose one thats right for you, or put together your own custom package.

Services include:

Air filter
Fuel filter
Fuel Injection flush
Oil change and filter
Spark Plug check and if needed replace
Coolant check/fill
Radiator flush
Check and if needed replace hoses
Serpentine Belt check and if needed replace
Ignition system test; wires and cables
Transmission flush
Differential fluid
Transfer case fluid
We will be listing package deals soon, so please check back often.

Pre-Buy Inspections
Thinking about buying a vehicle from another used car dealer, but want to make sure that it is as good as they say it is?

Having to make a the difficult decision about whether or not to buy that nice looking used vehicle can be hard. There are a lot of nice looking vehicles out there that should not be on the road. Which is why we started offering Pre-Buy Inspections.

We offer Pre-Buy Inspections to all of our customers, whether you buy from us, or not. Our goal is to help you achieve your goal of finding, buying and enjoying a safe, dependable, lasting vehicle. We are here to help our customers, whether current or new, get back on the road.

We go over more then the state inspection list, to ensure that you are getting a good vehicle. We place the car on our lift, and go over everything, and If we find something that concerns us, we will tell you. When you leave you'll get a Pre-Buy Inspection check-list showing you what we went over, and what we found.

We are more then happy to site down and go over everything with you and answer any questions you might have.

Local Towing
We also offer local towing.

We can help on-site with several services, and for those things that require a garage, we can tow to our garage or any other that you choose. If coming to our garage, you will receive a discount on the towing fees.

Services include:

Flat tire services
Lockout services
Gas Delivery
We also offer:

Off road retrievals
Accident vehicle removal
Junk car removal and recycling
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Brewer, Maine